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MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 13 2012

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1 MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 13 2012 on Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:36 pm


The final three weeks have now begun. Each team has started to build themselves up for their post season run as a few individuals are really standing out with tremendous seasons. There is no doubt the Fall of 2012 will have an explosive finish:

(6 – 2) Pelham Blacktop Ballers at (7 – 1) Frozen Ropes
The makeup of the opener that was being played during the Week 1 Saturday wash out, these two teams have pushed themselves to the top of the class. After another huge sweep the previous week, where Steve Chodan pitched overall 9 innings, gave up 3 runs, and struck out 24 batters, the Ballers are among the stellar three so far. Steve Chodan also hit a homerun in both games while AJ Romano hit 2 in the opener and threw 2 innings of shut out ball in the second game. Pedro Maldonado also hit two homeruns in their eruptive first game that showcased their tremendous line up. They now move across the way to Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning to complete what had started over a month ago. The Ropes showed their prowess on the mound after flexing their offensive muscles the previous two games. Kyle Lucas was able to make Anthony Yurchak’s 6 inning no run effort stand as he hit 2 homeruns for all of his team’s scoring in the first game. Then, Steve Yurchak yielded only a run in the next 7 innings and hit a double to give his group the sweep. These squads are playing for their superiority in the league as well as strongly making a case for the number one seed.

(8 – 1) Raging Bulls at (1 – 7) Bronx Pistols
The Bulls were showing disparage in their two wins last week, but will take the sweep however it may come. They started by scoring 14 in less than a full inning as James Roucchio, Jim Wendling, and Dave Luongo all homered in the opener. Then in the second game, they edged out their opponents as Anthony Pogioreale hit his only of the day and James Roucchio got his second. Jim Wendling saved his own start by throwing 3 1/3 shut out innings and striking out 6. They now go to Pulaski Park in the Bronx Saturday morning to meet the powerful Pistols. Last weekend, the pitching could not be turned aside as Greg MacKoul surrendered only 2 runs in his first game back since the third week of the season and Randy Rhyne followed it up with a similar performance where he struck out 13 while giving up only 2 runs as well. They will have to start hitting with authority if they want to save their arms this weekend against one of the better offenses in all the MLSB.

(4 – 5) Shadyville Sluggers at (2 – 6) Mamaroneck Gas House Gang

The Sluggers have been riding a seesaw all season long that hit a lull last weekend. Even so, they received a homerun and 7 innings with 14 strikeouts from their highly missed young buck Marvin Rosario, who they hope can help them change their fortunes this weekend. They’ll go northward to Albert Leonard Middle School Saturday morning to face off against the Gas House Gang. Despite introducing their latest addition John Quinn, the Gang were unable to capitalize on their opening game victory with a much needed second win. John still went 9 2/3 innings overall and struck out 4 of the first 7 batters his face while hitting a grand slam in the bottom half of the double header to put his team down by only 1 run. Ross Fomerand hit a homerun in that second game as well though their first game victory was highlighted by a team effort as each member in the line up drove in a run in their big 6th inning to get the win. The Sluggers have had many strong weekends at Albert Leonard before, but the Gang feel more comfortable in Westchester. The edge will go to whoever can get the bigger hits in the biggest spots.

2 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 13 2012 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:40 pm


Shadyville Sluggers vs. Mamaroneck Gas House Gang

Sluggers Sweep

Game 1: 6 - 3

Miguel Cabezas 7IP 3R 6H 1BB 13Ks

Marvin Rosario hits a homerun
Jay Nestrosio goes a double short of the cycle and drives in 4

Scott Almazan 6IP 6R 11H 4BB 4Ks

Chris Schneer goes a triple short of the cycle
Sean O'Malley hits a homerun

Game 2: 5 - 1

Marvin Rosario 7IP 1R 2H 4BB 19Ks

Marvin Rosario goes a triple short of the cycle
Jay Nestrosio goes a triple short of the cycle

John Quinn 7IP 5R 11H 1BB 9Ks

3 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 13 2012 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:39 pm


Pelham sweeps Ropes 8-3 (continued game) 10-8

great second game.

game 1:Steve C WP CG 18K's 3B ...... Kyle HR

game 2:Steve C WP Pedro GS 4RBI Joe B HR 4RBI..Ant Y 2 HR 6RBI

4 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 13 2012 on Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:31 am


Pelham Blacktop Ballers vs. Frozen Ropes

Gm1 Pelham wins 8-3
Pelham takes early 3 run lead. Ropes answer with 3 to tie. Pelham scores 5 more unanswered for win.

Steve Chodan WP, 7IP, 3R, 5H, 18Ks
Steve Chodan 5-8, 2-3B, 5RBI
Pedro Maldonado 3-6, 2-2B, 2RBI

Rocco Justice 2 run HR, Kyle Lucas solo HR

Gm2 Pelham wins 10-8
Top 4th, Pelham takes 5-0 lead capped by Maldonado Grand Slam. Ropes respond with Anthony Yurchak 2 run HR. Maldonado 2 run single in 6th makes it 7-2 Pelham. In bottom 6th, Ropes score 6 capped by Anthony Yurchak Grand Slam to take 8-6 lead. Top 7th Battaglia comes to the plate with 2 out and 2 on, and down 2 strikes, hits 3 run HR to give Pelham back the lead 10-8. Steve Chodan slams the door in bottom 7th for the Pelham win.

Gus Mitsopoulos 5IP, 7R, 2H, 9Ks
Steve Chodan the win in relief with 2IP, 1R, 1H, 3Ks
Pedro Maldonado 3-6, a big GS, 6RBI
Bill Chodan 4-10, 3-2B
Joe Battaglia 4RBI, GW 3 run HR

Anthony Yurchak 2-8, 2 HR, 7RBI

5 bulls vs pistols on Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:08 pm


Bulls sweep pistols win game 1 3-2. Great games thrown by Walsh and wendling. Ben anoscia with a hr and triple, poggioreale with a 2 r hr. Second game 14-0 joe anoscia 3 hr and 4 no hit innings wendling luongo n poggioreale all homer.

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