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MLSB Fall Season Finals --- Game 3, November 23 2013

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We are now down to one.  One more game to decide it all.  One more game to find out who will gain that final championship of 2013.  The first two games were not enough to see who earned it after so many games played this year.  It will now come down to one last game.  Game 3 of the Fall Finals is here.  This is how we have gotten to it:

#2 Pelham Village Wine (13 – 5) vs #1 Raging Bulls (14 – 4)
It appeared the Bulls were going to take over this championship series early as they scored a first inning run on an RBI double by Anthony Pogioreale, then a second inning homerun, also by Anthony, and a solo shot in the third by Dave Luongo to put the Bulls up 3 – 0.  It was then Greg MacKoul’s 2-run dinger that got the Wine back into it followed by a 5th inning solo and a 6th inning solo to match from AJ Romano.  Randy Belfiore finished the game from that point on, keeping the Bulls at 3 and finishing with 13 strikeouts.  Game 2 was the Joe Annoscia show as he hit a 3 run shot to put the Bulls up then kept the Wine to 1 hit: Another 2 run long ball from Greg MacKoul.  Following that, Joe Annoscia’s 11Ks were enough to stop the Wine from putting up any more runs on subsequent hits while MacKoul didn’t let anymore runners cross home himself.  Now we are tied 1 – 1 with only one more game to decide who is going to bring it all home.  It will end one way or another Saturday morning at Murray Street Middle School where it began.


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