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MLSB Fall Season Week 5, October 6 2012

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1 MLSB Fall Season Week 5, October 6 2012 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:31 pm


The halfway point is verging near, leaving only a few more games for teams to get themselves prepped for the playoffs. Positioning and qualifying will begin to loom heavily now that we are heading towards the middle of the final season. These matchups mean much more at this point of the year:

(1 – 5) Bronx Pistols at (6 – 1) Frozen Ropes
Though unable to come together this week previous, the Pistols are looking forward to getting back in place and challenging the two time defending champs. They still have the ability to upset the top squad the league has to offer this Fall with the players they can bring to the field. Their next stop is Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning against the Frozen Ropes. Even without one of their better hitters, the Ropes managed a couple of monster wins off the bat of their premiere hurler. Tim Yurchak hit 6 homeruns in the double header: 4 in the opener alone while driving in 8 runs. Anthony Yurchak pitched a complete game in Game 1 and hit a homerun in both games as Steve Yurchak hit a homer in the opening spot, went a homerun short of the cycle in the bottom frame, and threw 6 2/3 innings and struck out 11 batters. These two teams have both sides covered but the might of the champions may be too much for any squad this Fall.

(1 – 5) Mamaroneck Gas House Gang at (4 – 4) Stick’Em Up
There were many high emotions for the Gang going into their previous weekend, but following two difficult losses, they have to get themselves up once more. Sean O’Malley made his Fall debut by striking out 8 batters in 4 innings and hitting a homerun in his lone at bat. Phil Barile made another return as he got a hit in his first appearance since the beginning of the Spring. Ross Fomerand also hit a homerun in the opener to improve his total thus far in the season. They will now leave Westchester and head on down to Pulaski Park in the Bronx Saturday morning to face up the Stick’Em Up. Last week was not one that ended well for the Stick’Em Up though they were only a run away from splitting and being in the top three so far this season. Gabriel Viteri threw 9 2/3 innings for his group in two games and hit a homerun in the first game. Fabrizio Peralta continued his hot power swatting as he sent 2 over the fence in the first game as well. These teams are struggling right now and look to one another to get themselves moving in the right way. It will all be decided Saturday morning off the Bruckner.

(4 – 2) Pelham Blacktop Ballers at (4 – 3) Shadyville Sluggers
Grabbing two easy wins has helped position the Ballers amongst the elite in the standings thus far. If they can maintain their consistently good play, they might be able to get a favourable road into the final rounds of the playoffs. They head out to Oceania Saturday morning to face one of the teams vying for their spot, the Sluggers. Miguel Cabezas had a full group with him last week and was able to make good for them as he pitched 6 innings in the opener while Robert DeBella hit another homer. Marvin Rosario struck out 18 batters in his complete game 3 hitter after saving the opener with a near perfect inning. Miguel then hit the grand slam and drove in 6 runs to help make Marvin’s task less trying. These two sides have long line ups and good arms. Whoever brings all they have will make this meaningful battle much more competitive.

(5 – 1) Raging Bulls at (2 – 6) Tornadoes (Sun.)
As has been the case for the number one team of the Fall leading into this new week, the Raging Bulls followed their lone split with a one-sided sweep. Anthony Pogioreale capped the opener hitting 3 homeruns and driving in 5. Joe Annoscia had himself quite the day though as he hit 2 homeruns in the top half of the double header, went a triple short of the cycle in the second half and threw a one hitter where he struck out 21 batters to get the win. Adding to the offensive outburst, Artie Von Wiegand hit a homerun in the first game, Jim Wendling hit a homerun in the second game, and Anthony Pogioreale added to his astounding total with another big fly in Game 2 as well. They now take their new two game winning streak into Oceania Avenue in Queens Sunday morning to meet the Tornadoes. The Tornadoes have hit hard times but still look forward to finishing out their two week trial against the top two teams on the up side. Joe LaMicela hit a homerun for his team in the first game and Steve Tomasik hit one in the second. If they can get their offense going, they will no doubt make things difficult for the Bulls coming into their fifth week of the last season this year.

2 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 5, October 6 2012 on Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:54 pm


Ropes sweep Pistols 2-1 2-0

game 1: Steve Y WP CG ........ Greg M HR

game 2: Ant Y WP Kyle L 2 HR .... Randy R 13K's

3 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 5, October 6 2012 on Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:21 pm


Mamaroneck Gas House Gang vs. Stick'Em Up

Gas House Gang and Stick'Em Up Split

Game 1: Gas House 5 - 3

Scott Almazan 4 2/3IP 3R 4H 3BB 7Ks
John Quinn 2 1/3IP 0R 0H 1BB 3Ks

Ross Fomerand gets 3 hits and drives in 2

Gustavo Martinez 5 2/3IP 5R 6H 7BB 6Ks
Gabriel Viteri 1 1/3IP 0R 1H 0BB 4Ks

Fabrizio Peralta hits a homerun

Game 2: Stick'Em Up 7 - 6

Gabriel Viteri 6 1/3IP 6R 5H 5BB 12Ks
Carlos Viteri 2/3IP 0R 0H 0BB 0Ks

Fabrizio Peralta goes a single short of the cycle
Gabriel Viteri hits a homerun and drives in 3

John Quinn 7IP 7R 8H 2BB 12Ks

Ross Fomerand hits a homerun
John Quinn hits a grand slam

4 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 5, October 6 2012 on Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:55 pm


Bulls sweep tornados. 7-5 game 1 rock grand slam, doc gets the win, game 2 14-0 doc and rock grand slams only 2 outs recorded in game.

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