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MLSB Fall Season Week 9, November 2 2013

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1 MLSB Fall Season Week 9, November 2 2013 on Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:12 am


The last week of the final season of 2013 is upon us now.  We have reached the month of November, marking seven months of high quality stickball.  The playoffs are still not set as there are teams vying for the top spot and the final place.  These matchups are the most important to date and will decide the final placing of every team involved this Fall:

(8 – 4) Frozen Ropes at (5 – 7) Shadyville Sluggers
The Ropes had trouble this past weekend, knocking the defending champs out of the one slot.  They have to turn it all around this weekend with so much on the line.  They did receive another homerun from Steve Yurchak in the second game of last week’s double header, who also struck out 13 in the game he pitched.  Anthony Yurchak had 10 strikeouts in his game.  They will venture into Pulaski Park in the Bronx Saturday to face the Sluggers.  After another split last weekend, the Sluggers have now placed themselves in somewhat of a hole.  They had a great offensive effort in Game 2, but Game 1 proved troublesome for them.  They now are looking at being at the bottom of the available bracket unless they can come up with a couple of wins but the Ropes always find the way to turn two losses into two wins with a vengeance.    

(7 – 5) Shut’Em Down at (9 – 3) Raging Bulls
Both squads are coming off bye weeks and both had moderately disappointing weeks prior to theirs away from the game.  The Shut’Em Down lost two despite the Game 2 efforts of Randy Rhyne, who gave up only 4 runs in 7 innings and matched teammate Pedro Maldonado with a long ball himself.  They will bring all they have to stay in the top end of the bracket against the Raging Bulls.  After splitting two weeks ago, the Bulls are left to do all they can for that number 1 spot.  Game 1 was more or less one sided as Joe Annoscia went another 7 innings and struck out another 17 batters while going long twice yet again.  They managed the opening game victory, but even with Anthony Pogioreale’s second game homer, they weren’t able to take Game 2.  They will host this weekend’s finale at Murray Street Middle School against one of the two teams breathing down their necks Saturday morning.    

(6 – 6) Whitestone Aces at (4 – 10) Tornadoes
Being given the weekend off, the Aces had a chance to revel in their current 4 game winning streak for a while.  Now they have to get back on the field and try to push that streak forward for seeding purposes.  Bhishmi Robinson continues to have a big season as he won the opener in a close game two weekends ago and hit a homerun to put his squad on the board.  Daragh Quinn then tied it with a long ball in the opener and John Quinn won it with a 6th inning grand slam.  Game 2 showed Daragh Quinn on the winning end with 4 innings and 7 strikeouts following John Quinn’s 3 innings of shut out ball.  John went a triple short of the cycle as Bhishmi was a double shy of the cycle himself, granting the Aces their sweep of the double dip.  They will head down to JHS 074 in Queens Saturday morning to stand against the Tornadoes.  The Tornadoes split last weekend and now need to win in order to stay in the playoffs.  Steve Dachtera was amazing as he went long over the double header last weekend 5 times: 3 in their Game 1 victory.  This offensive explosion was enough for Sandy Tomasik to gain the victory with her 6 2/3 innings and 13 strikeouts.  Joe LaMicela also went deep in Game 2, which has put the Tornadoes in good position for that final 8 spot.  With 9 squads trying to fill in those slots, the Tornadoes are playing for their lives.  The Aces are looking to continue on a hot streak leading into the playoffs themselves.  These two games could change the scope of the entire postseason depending on how they turn out.

(9 – 3) Pelham Village Wine at (4 – 8)Clippers
The Wine put themselves in quite a tier after their two wins last weekend.  Randy Belfiore helped get things going as he pitched a 1 hitter and struck out 16 batters in the process.  He hit a homerun along with throwing mate Greg MacKoul in that opener.  Greg then threw 7 innings, gave up only 2 runs, and went a triple short of the cycle in the second game.  Along with him, Randy Belfiore went deep again, putting the team above and beyond to a chance at being the overall 1 seed.  This will be determined in Mohansic Middle School against the Clippers.  Though the season appeared to be a rough one for them, the Clippers have turned it around with 4 wins in their last 6 games.  They split this past weekend with another well pitched effort and now seek to get themselves out of the final spot and into better positioning.  They have their first home games in a while and will love to host a squad as strong as the Wine.

2 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 9, November 2 2013 on Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:34 pm


Whitestone Aces at Tornadoes

Tornadoes Sweep

Game 1 6 - 4

Steve Tomasik 6 1/3IP 3H 4R 13BB 12Ks
Sandy Tomasik 2/3IP 0H 0R 1BB 1K

Steve Tomasik hits 2 homeruns including the game winner

Daragh Quinn 6IP 8H 6R 11BB 11Ks

Carmine DeStefano hits a homerun
Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun

Game 2 2 - 1

Evan Rivels 8IP 5H 1R 3BB 8Ks

Steve Tomasik hits the game winning homerun.

Bhishmi Robinson 8IP 5H 2R 2BB 18Ks

By the way: Oceania is gone forever. Wonder why no one plays ball anymore.

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