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MLSB Fall Season Week 7, October 19 2013

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1 MLSB Fall Season Week 7, October 19 2013 on Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:17 am


There are three more weeks left to this exciting Fall season.  There have been incredible pitching feats and unpredictable offensive turns in every game played so far.  The Fall has become one of the more amazing six weeks of stickball we’ve seen in ages.  Now these match-ups mean everything as we wind down to the last games before the playoffs begin:

(8 – 2) Raging Bulls at (2 – 6) Clippers
The Bulls maintained their lead in the standings with two wins against one of the squads right behind them.  Joe Annoscia was gigantic in the double header: Throwing a complete game in the opener, giving up only 1 run, and striking out 18 while hitting a homerun.  Anthony Pogioreale also hit a homerun in Game 1 then echoed that shot with another in the second game.  Joe Annoscia hit a second homerun this past weekend in the bottom half of the double dip while Jim Wendling went 9 innings, struck out 16, and went long himself.  They will now drive up to Mohansic Middle School to meet with the resurgent Clippers.  Though they were having trouble their first season back in a while, the Clippers managed two hitting barrages leading to 2 wins the week before their bye.  Returning Bill Chodan and Vinny Burns hit a homerun each in their first game leading to Vinny scorching 2 more for homers and Bill adding another to his total for the season in their second game mercy win.  These two sides have seen the best and worst of each other all these years in the league.  How this plays out could determine the final top two seeds one way or another.

(3 – 7) Gashouse Gang at (4 – 6) Whitestone Aces
Grabbing a much needed split last weekend, Gashouse was able to show why they are still a dangerous group.  With Sean O’Malley putting on a show both in the box (hitting 2 homeruns in the two games) and on the rectangle (striking out 18 in a shut out), the boys from Mamaroneck can meet anyone on the field.  They will return to Queens Saturday morning, driving to JHS 074, to meet up with the Whitestone Aces.  In one of the more surprising results so far this Fall, the Aces were able to bring themselves right back to the center of the standings with two huge victories.  Bhishmi Robinson was able to turn his fortune around by hitting a 2 run shot while yielding only a single run last weekend for the Game 1 victory.  He was followed by John Quinn, who also hit a homerun in the opener before throwing a no hitter and striking out 16 batters in the second game for the sweep.  Big brother Daragh Quinn helped John with a 2 run shot that broke the scoreless tie followed by Carmine DeStefano’s homer to put the game away.  It has been years since these groups have faced one another.  It will be something to see how both sides have come along after being so far removed from the field against each other.

(6 – 2) Frozen Ropes at (7 – 3) Shut’Em Down (Sun.)
The Ropes had their first tough luck weekend and now immediately have to recollect themselves facing one of the many squads sitting right behind them in the standings.  Anthony Yurchak drove in a run for his team while striking out 12 in 6 innings last week before Steve Yurchak fanned 14 in his complete game.  They will go to familiar ground – Pulaski Park off the Bruckner in the Bronx – to face the Shut’Em Down Sunday morning.  Following a huge opener that was highlighted by Fabrizio Peralta’s 2 homeruns, the Shut’Em Down kept themselves in elite company once more.  They were able to win their opener rather easily and got 6 innings of well pitched ball from Randy Rhyne in the bottom half after he too hit a homerun in Game 1.  Much has been decided between these sides and, with so much on the line this season, this double header is rather alluring for anyone who is available to watch it come Sunday morning.  

(5 – 3) Pelham Village Wine at (1 – 7) Tornadoes (Sun.)
With a hard to swallow week 6, the Wine are gunning to get themselves back into the thick of things this weekend.  Randy Belfiore went 7 and struck out 17 batters before hitting a homerun in the second game to grant his squad their 2 runs.  Greg MacKoul was also rather good as he went 8 2/3, struck out 14, and was so close to beating one of the better teams this Fall season.  They look to turn themselves right around Sunday morning at JHS 074 when they face the Tornadoes.  The Tornadoes have been having trouble keeping teams in check, but are coming up with huge offensive games from their strong lineup.  They need to bring it on the rectangle if they hope to maintain their stronghold on Oceania Avenue, their home field, and stand against one of the better squads in the league.

2 Re: MLSB Fall Season Week 7, October 19 2013 on Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:55 pm


Gashouse Gang at Whitestone Aces

Aces sweep.

Game 1 6 - 3

Bhishmi Robinson 7IP 6H 3R 6BB 19Ks

Daragh Quinn hits a homerun.
Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun.
John Quinn hits a grand slam.

Scott Almazan 7IP 7H 6R 4BB 11Ks

Sean O'Malley hits a homerun.

Game 2 8 - 4

John Quinn 3IP 0R 1H 4BB 7Ks
Daragh Quinn 4IP 4R 4H 13BB 7Ks

Daragh Quinn hits a homerun.
Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun.
John Quinn hits a homerun.

Sean O'Malley 0IP 0H 2R 2BB 0Ks
Chris Schneer 3IP 3R 3H 8BB 4Ks
Scott Almazan 4IP 3R 6H 2BB 7Ks

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