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MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 12th 2013

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1 MLSB Fall Season Week 6, October 12th 2013 on Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:32 am


Following a rather incredible week with so many unforeseen results, we move into the sixth week of the Fall season.  We are getting down to the last few games before the playoffs are decided and started up once more.  There are still very strong matches coming up this sixth week with the promise of even more unthinkable finishes:

(6 – 2) Raging Bulls at (5 – 1) Pelham Village Wine
The Bulls faced tough luck last week, suffering their first two losses of the season.  Joe Annoscia still K’ed 18 batters in his complete game opener, giving up only 2 runs.  They drive across the way to JHS 074 off Oceania street in Queens to take on the Wine.  Though playing with a small squad, the Wine managed a split against their opponents last weekend.  In Game 1, AJ Romano went the distance for the first time in the double header, yielding only 2 runs and striking out 10 batters.  The brunt of the offense came off the bat of Jon Hopkins who sent 2 long balls over the expansive fence in Pulaski Park to drive in all 4 of the winning runs.  Game 2 was AJ’s game again as he went another 7 innings and only gave up 3 runs.  It was not enough for his squad even with the efforts of Joe Battaglia and his near cycle minus the triple.  These two squads love facing one another, especially with so much at stake.  It will be something to watch them go at it this weekend.

(6 – 2) Shut’Em Down at (2 – 6) Gashouse Gang
Staying as hot as ever, the Shut’Em Down managed a split with one of the top three teams this season has produced so far.  Their Game 2 victory was propelled by Mike Walsh’s homerun and an effort from Gustavo Martinez who went all 7 and gave up only 1 run.  Pedro Maldonado showed his prowess in the opener with a homerun matching Gustavo’s opening game dinger for their offense in that half.  They’ll go to their home field, Pulaski Park, to face one of their hometown rivals, the Gashouse Gang, Saturday morning.  After a well deserved rest, the Gashouse Gang were able to prepare for their Week 6 opponent for their next double header in line.  Following their two losses two weeks ago, Gashouse is hoping for a turn around.  They’ve received good contributions from Scott Almazan and Gabriel Viteri on the rectangle.  Now it’s all about their hitting coming through.  This weekend’s match-up will dictate how far the boys from Mamaroneck might be able to go, or it could continue the Shut’Em Down’s rise in the standings.
(1 – 7) Tornadoes at (4 – 4) Shadyville Sluggers (Sun.)
The Tornadoes fit their M.O.: Put up a ton of runs but couldn’t muster up the pitching to make it all stick their previous two games.  They will motor to Pulaski Park off the Bruckner in the Bronx to meet with the Sluggers.  After another two wins in dramatic fashion, the Sluggers have placed themselves right at the heart of the standings.  Marvin Rosario continues to be a monster as he threw a 2 hit shutout in the opener, striking out 19, and hit the game winning homerun before Kevin Renzo put on a show.  Following some struggles, young Kevin settled in on the mound, finishing with 12 strikeouts.  He also turned it around at the box as he hit 2 homeruns, including the game winning 3 run shot in the bottom of the 7th.  These teams have been heading in different directions, but the Sluggers are showing off their championship form.  The Tornadoes have to pick it up if they want to take at least a game against them.  

(2 – 6) Whitestone Aces at (8 – 0) Frozen Ropes (Sun.)
The Aces still seem incapable of putting up the runs when they count.  After appearing poised to take a split this previous week, they were snake-bitten in the last inning while trying to maintain the lead.  Bhishmi Robinson again lost a game he gave up only 1 run in and struck out 15 batters in the process.  John Quinn was dealing, throwing 4 no-hit innings, until it all came crashing down in the 7th.  The offense needs to step up, but are given the tall task of doing so against the defending champions.  Last week was another one for the ages for the Ropes as Steve Yurchak continued his dominant season.  He hit a homerun in the opener then topped it off with 3 in the second game while throwing a 14 strikeout no-hitter.  Anthony Yurchak got the win the first game as he went all 7 and gave up only 1 run.  He also hit a homer to make up the difference.  Kyle Lucas sent 2 over the fence in the second half of the double header, blowing the game open.  The Aces have had trouble throughout the season but hope a change of scenery can get them going.  It will be interesting to see how these two games end up.


Whitestone Aces at Frozen Ropes

Aces sweep

Game 1 4 - 1

Bhishmi Robinson 7IP 5H 1R 3BB 7Ks

Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun.
John Quinn hits a homerun.

Anthony Yurchak 6IP 4H 4R 3BB 12Ks

Game 2 4 - 0

John Quinn 7IP 0H 0R 2BB 16Ks

Daragh Quinn hits a homerun.
Carmine DeStefano hits a homerun.

Steve Yurchak 7IP 4H 4R 4BB 14Ks

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