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MLSB Summer Season Playoffs Round 1, August 24 2013

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The playoffs now begin to decide who the best team this summer truly is.  The bigger games on the biggest stages play out the fate of all groups involved.  Though there were a few that didn’t make it, this season was very strong, with some old faces returning to the foreground.  Now, we’ll see who can put together the best run towards a championship with these opening round match ups:

#5 Stick’Em Up (7 – 7) vs #4 Mamaroneck Gas House Gang (8 – 6)
The Stick’Em Up had a hard time closing out the season, but that does not dispel the great Summer their squad strummed together.  Mike Walsh put on a hitting clinic (.327 6HRs) as well as throwing mate Alex Garcia, returning and restructuring himself into the great player he was before he left on both offense (.278 6HRs 23RBIs) and pitching (0.00 ERA 21Ks).  That aspect was also led by Anthony D’Amico who finished at .471 with 5HRs as well as a 3.10 ERA in 29 innings.  They take their trifecta and move into Albert Leonard Middle School to face off against the Gas House Gang.  This was one of the best seasons the boys from Mamaroneck have finished off with.  After taking their last 6 games, the likes of Ross Fomerand (.324 4HRs 31RBIs) and Chris Schneer (.300 6HRs 35RBIs) showed how to lead a group in the box.  Scott Almazan was their main hurler (4 – 2 37 1/3 innings) and Fabrizio Peralta topped their average list at .329.  They will have to be at their best to match the mighty starting of the Stick’Em Up before meeting the number one overall seed in the Semi-Finals.  Both sides have strong cases for winning.  It will be up to who can put together the better postseason performance.

#6 Tornadoes (5 – 9) vs #3 Frozen Ropes (11 – 3)
The Tornadoes didn’t end up as well as they started, but they still managed some stellar overall season stats as usual.  Steve Dachtera was a monster swinging the club as he finished with excellent power numbers (.283 7HRs 33RBIs).  Not to be outdone, Steve Tomasik anchored his squad with another great, well rounded season (.290 23RBIs).  Leading the pack, the ageless Joe LaMicela (.290 23RBIs) did his typical good work.  They will have to get their pitching straightened out if they want to beat their first round opponents this post season.  As is always the case, the Ropes were led by astounding pitching from both Steve and Tim Yurchak. Steve had a typical MVP type season (.382 12HRs 31RBIs, 4 - 1 2.33ERA), Anthony Yurchak swung a hot bat (.327 5HRs 17RBIs), as did Kyle Lucas (.300 5HRs), and Tim Yurchak was lights out on the rectangle (4 - 0 2.02ERA 73Ks). Rocco Justice also hit 5 homeruns this season, rounding out a powerful swinging squad with two elite throwers that can get them through this post season.  At Oceania Avenue Middle School in Queens, this entry round will decide who can move on to the number two seed in the final four.


Ropes defeat Tornadoes 5-0 Anthony Y CG No Hitter 18K   Steve Y HR 3 RBI  Kyle RBI

Ropes defeat Bulls 6-0 Tim Y WP CG 1 hit shutout  Kyle HR RBI   Steve Y HR 3 RBI


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