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MLSB Summer Season Week 9, August 17 2013

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1 MLSB Summer Season Week 9, August 17 2013 on Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:10 am


Now, we have reached the end of the latest season.  There were a tremendous amount of comebacks to the Summer as well as a lot of missing persons.  Some games were decided late; some were decided far earlier.  Despite the inconsistencies, a long-time record was broken and a slew of strong teams came to play.  This now finalizes the standings for the playoff run:

(5 – 7) Tornadoes at (6 – 6) Mamaroneck Gas House Gang
The Tornadoes were granted with a week away from the field after a rough go two weeks prior.  That double header was a Steve Dachtera showcase as he hit 2 homeruns in the opener with a triple, driving in his team’s 2 runs overall for the weekend.  The group is only two wins from the middle of the overall bracket and seek a positive turn to finish out their Summer season.  They will now head northward into New Rochelle at Albert Leonard Middle School Saturday morning to finish up against the Gas House Gang.  The previous weekend left the Gas House Gang pleased with their current place but thirsting for more.  They swept a double header, with the second half being granted by way of forfeit and the opener ending with a one-sided result.  Everyone had their place in the offense though the game was punctuated by a grand slam from Chris Schneer that put him at 7 runs batted in for the day.  Scott Almazan walked no one in his 2 inning win which helped put the boys from Mamaroneck at the .500 mark.  Whether they finish over or will their cross-bridge rival Tornadoes end on the high note remains to be seen this weekend.

(9 – 3) Frozen Ropes at (7 – 5) Stick’Em Up
The Ropes had a hard weekend two before and are ready to take the hill and improve on their already stellar record.  Though they had massive contributions offensively from Steve Yurchak, who hit 3 homeruns in the double header – 2 in Game 1 – as well as Kyle Lucas, who also hit 2 homeruns in Game 1, and returning Scott Gaska, who sent 2 deep in Game 2 and drove in 8 runs, they were not able to hold down their opponents.  Rocco Justice, who also hit a homerun in the second game, now leads his squad into Pulaski Park Saturday morning to hold off the squad right behind his: The Stick’Em Up.  They had two tough losses though the Stick’Em Up look poised to finish strong.  Their only offense came off the bat of Mike Walsh last weekend as he took 2 deep in the opener to grant the squad their 3 runs.  Alex Garcia then went on to strikeout 4 in his 3 2/3 innings of shut out ball.  The Stick’Em Up have been playing great all season long but could really use at least one game this weekend to keep their championship hopes in full view.  Facing the Ropes could prove to be an issue if they are not at their best this final weekend.

(12 – 0) Pelham Village Wine at (2 – 10) Pulaskis (Sun.)
The defending champs remain unbeaten this regular season after another two dominant victories.  Joe Battaglia and Randy Belfiore were accompanied by two old friends: Tony Belfiore and Joe Sundberg.  Tony had a day to remember as he hit a homerun in the opener and drove in 9 runs the second game.  Randy Belfiore hit 3 homeruns, 2 in Game 2, and drove in a combined 15 runs in the double header.  Joe Battaglia hit a homerun in each game and also drove in 9 in Game 2 as Joe Sundberg threw 3 scoreless in Game 1, striking out 6.  They will now return to Queens, travelling all the way down to Oceania Avenue Middle School Sunday to complete their run against the Pulaskis.  Another rough go for Greg MacKoul’s squad was completed with an inability to put together a full team this previous weekend.  Now, they hope to salvage something against the defending champs.  Jon Hopkins showed he was not about to slow down as he had a perfect day: 3 hits in 3 at bats.  He seeks to add to that for the last time this Summer against the number one group all season long.

2 Re: MLSB Summer Season Week 9, August 17 2013 on Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:43 pm


Tornadoes at Gas House Gang

Gas House Gang Sweep

Game 1  24 - 21

Steve Dachtera 0IP 4R 0H 5BB 0Ks
Steve Tomasik 4 1/3IP 8R 4H 14BB 6Ks
Joe LaMicela 2 2/3IP 12R 5H 11BB 4Ks

Steve Dachtera hits for the cycle and drives in 11
Steve Tomasik hits a homerun
Joe LaMicela hits a homerun

Scott Almazan 5 1/3IP 18R 15H 10BB 8Ks
Ross Fomerand 2/3IP 3R 1H 2BB 0Ks

Chris Schneer hits a homerun and drives in 7
Ross Fomerand hits the game winning grand slam
Fabrizio Peralta goes a triple short of the cycle

Game 2  7 - 3

Steve Dachtera 6IP 7R 3H 15BB 5Ks

Steve Dachtera hits a homerun
Joe LaMicela hits a homerun

Scott Almazan 7IP 3R 4H 7BB 13Ks

Ross Fomerand drives in the 2 winning runs in the 6th

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