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MLSB Summer Season Week 6, August 3 2013

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1 MLSB Summer Season Week 6, August 3 2013 on Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:33 am


As we begin winding to the end of the Summer season, there is so much that is changing and so much each squad needs to play for.  There is also a rather prestigious record that is being challenged and might be broken as we head down the home stretch.  These match ups can determine a ton while the season comes to a close:

(8 – 0) Pelham Village Wine at (9 – 1) Frozen Ropes
Pelham Village took two games rather easily and boosted their record to an impressive 8 wins without any losses.  The defending champs appear to be picking up steam as they head into their final three weeks.  Standing in their way this week will be their opponents from last season’s Semi-Finals.  They will visit the Frozen Ropes Saturday morning.  The Ropes took over the one slot without having to put much effort in.  Their opponents were not able to fit a team together last weekend, giving the Frozen Ropes two in the manner they had mastered only a few months prior during the Spring season.  Their week hiatus might leave them vulnerable against the Wine but there is still a matter of revenge that might fuel the league’s dynasty to overcome all that.

0 – 8 Heavy Hammers at (2 – 6) Mamaroneck Gas House Gang
The Hammers have been showing some great hitting skill, but their pitching needs to step up if they wish to contend down the stretch.  Evan Rivels has been a beast for his squad as he launched 3 more homeruns last week: 2 in the opener.  Jesse Goldbaum was not to be outdone by his old teammate as he equaled Evan’s power production with 2 homeruns in the first game and a homer in the second himself.  They take their hot bats to Pulaski Park in the Bronx Saturday morning to face the Gas House Gang.  The boys from Mamaroneck had a week to think about their two nasty losses against one of the high reign squads this season, including a game in which young buck Sam Wallach gave up only 3 runs in 6 innings.  They still managed a homerun in the opener as Ross Fomerand went deep for his group to keep them close.  They look to swing their season right around against another team that has struggled, but the Hammers want to make some noise and push themselves forward starting with this week.
(5 – 3) Stick’Em Up at (0 – 4) Gotham Ballers (Sun.)
The Stick’Em Up put on a show last weekend, hitting homeruns left and right with all participants that were involved.  The opener was quite the spectacle as Alex Garcia hit 3 homeruns and drove in an amazing 12 RBIs.  Anthony D’Amico hit for the cycle and drove in 6.  Gabriel Viteri also had a solid hitting performance as he went deep in the opening rout.  Then, the bottom half showed no cool down period for the Stick’Em Up as Alex Garcia hit another homerun, Anthony D’Amico echoed with a second homer for the day himself, and Mike Walsh and Carlos Viteri responded with a homer apiece.  They will send their solid hitting and throwing to say hello to the newest team on the block.  There is not much known from the squad that has taken the place of the Ballers to finish off the Summer season.  We will see what they have in store for the league after a showcase against a pretty hot and very strong group.  

(7 – 3) Raging Bulls at (5 – 5) Tornadoes (Sun.)
The Bulls were another team that had the benefit of a bye last weekend following two pretty harsh losses.  Their monster bat Jim Wendling continued to rake, however, as he added 3 more homeruns in the opener two weeks ago to his already torrid homer pace, putting him at 19 right now.  Joe Annoscia suffered hard luck after striking out 12 batters while yielding only 3 runs in their bottom half loss, but his effort was still typically powerful.  They will take the long trip down to Oceania Avenue Sunday morning to stand against the Tornadoes.  The men patrolling the border to Nassau had their own hardship this past weekend as they were unable to fight off the might of the champions.  They will do what they can against another elite group this weekend to ensure they stay above .500.  They must improve their starting pitching if they wish to fight off the charging Bulls in order to do that.

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