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MLSB Summer Season 2013 Week 1 June 22, 2013

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1 MLSB Summer Season 2013 Week 1 June 22, 2013 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:19 pm


We're in the middle of the year with the MLSB starting its new season after a stunning finish to the Spring.  Now, with teams old and new, we begin again: Everyone even and looking to stick themselves in ample playoff positioning.  These are the first week match ups:

(0 - 0) Frozen Ropes at (0 - 0) Raging Bulls

Right off the bat, we have a big one.  The Ropes had their string of three consecutive championships ended in the Spring and now want some revenge.  Their lineup is still a who's who in the MLSB: Steve Yurchak, Tim Yurchak, Rocco Justice, Kyle Lucas, and Anthony Yurchak.  They will do everything in their power to get back their trophy and start against their old rivals in their shared home field Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning.  For the Bulls, they have been trying to get themselves going in the post season after finishing twice the last two seasons with the 1 seed.  Commissioner Dave Luongo has his usual cast as well: Jim Wendling, Joe Annoscia, and Artie Von Wiegand.  They have seen the Ropes in so many large games, starting the season might seem like no deal, but when these two meet, it always means something.

(0 - 0) Pelham Village Wine at (0 - 0) Stick'Em Up

The defending champs had a dominant stint in the playoffs that gave them another championship to add to their steep number over all.  Joe Battaglia has his usual troops back in the foxhole: Steve Chodan, AJ Romano, and Randy Belfiore.  They were able to do it once and seem poised to finish at the winner's circle again this season.  They head off to Pulaski Park in the Bronx Saturday morning against the Stick'Em Up.  The boys that play off the Bruckner had some issues these last few seasons but seem energized by the return of Alex Garcia.  Matched with Gabriel Viteri, Randy Rhyne, and Mike Walsh, the Stick'Em Up are sure to do some wonders on the field this Summer.  Their first test will be a rather trying one against the champs, but they're looking forward to the challenge.

(0 - 0) Mamaroneck Gas House Gang at (0 - 0) Heavy Hammers

After their run towards the Finals in the Spring, the representatives of Mamaroneck are ready to wield their own magic this Summer.  Chris Schneer and Ross Fomerand bring with them Scott Almazan and Sean O'Malley as usual, but with Fabrizio Peralta and Gustavo Martinez joining up this season, they seem to have all the depth they need make another run at the title.  They will head off to Electric Playground in Queens Saturday morning to face the Heavy Hammers.  Evan Rivels and Todd Alster are making their own return to the league and promise to bring with them a few new faces.  They have been waiting to get back into the game and now with a squad, they're chomping at the bit.  Their opening is tasked with a group that is always on the upside which makes this quite a connection.

(0 - 0) Tornadoes at (0 - 0) Pulaskis (Sun.)

The Tornadoes are back and wanting to get into the fray after a disappointing end to their Spring season.  Steve Tomasik brings his usual, dependable cast of Joe LaMicela and Steve Dachtera, and with Sandy Tomasik showing signs of returning, they are prepped for one of their long runs in the playoffs.  They will need to spend a Sunday in Oceania Avenue School against their home field neighbors, the Pulaskis.  Greg MacKoul has gotten his team back together, meaning he will have with him Jon Hopkins and Joe King.  Pack John Quinn on top of that trio, and they are powerful on paper.  They will see if their set gathering is up to the bar they set for themselves as they open it up at home this weekend in, what promises to be, a deeply interesting match.


Ropes and Bulls split.  Ropes 1-0  Tim Y WP CG Ant Y HR

Bulls 5-2 (?)  Joe A WP CG  Jim 2 HR Arthur HR  ... Steve Y 2 HR

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