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MLSB Spring Season Finals, June 8 2013

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1 MLSB Spring Season Finals, June 8 2013 on Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:38 am


The best way to finish off a season is by a championship series between an unlikely matchup. Two sides coming from completely different histories square off this Sunday for a shot at the biggest championship in the game. These are the teams that made it to the final round:

#4 Shadyville Sluggers (8 – 8) vs #3 Pelham Village Wine (11 – 4)
It was a tough road on a long journey for the Sluggers, but they made it to the Promised Land once more. For the second straight season, Miguel Cabezas was able to lead his crew to a desired place: Two wins from the title. In Game 1, it was a total team offensive effort. Miguel and Chris Schneer both went deep while Jay Nestrosio drove in 5 and Marvin Rosario struck out 14 in 5 no hit innings for the victory. Then, Marvin went another 7, yielding three runs and striking out 12 as Jay Nestrosio got 5 hits, including a game winning homerun in the 7th with two strikes and two outs; driving himself in with the big blast. They took down one monster team and now seek to kill another giant at Albert Leonard Middle School Sunday morning. The Wine showed their swinging abilities as they won their Semi-Final game with a fury. Joe Battaglia had 6 hits including 2 homeruns and drove in 6. Steve Chodan also went deep twice and Randy Belfiore surrendered only 2 runs in his 6 innings. These two squads took completely different roads to the last round but they arrived to the same place. Whichever side brings their best will be victorious as they are so evenly matched. We’ll see how this turns out when the championship is decided for the Spring of 2013.

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