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MLSB Spring Season Playoffs, June 1 2013

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1 MLSB Spring Season Playoffs, June 1 2013 on Fri May 31, 2013 7:58 am


A seven week, fourteen game season has completed and now the playoffs begin. The second part of the Spring of 2013 commences this Saturday with match-ups that are put together for the purposes of moving into the semi-finals and being that step closer to the last round:

#7 Stick’Em Up (4 – 10) vs #2 Frozen Ropes (12 – 2)
Though they hit rough patches, the Stick’Em Up still had a lot to show to the playoffs with after this Spring season. Mike Walsh remains ageless, putting up some of the best numbers on his squad offensively (.317 13 RBIs) and pitching-wise (51 Ks in 31 IP). Randy Rhyne finished second in homeruns with 3 behind Fabrizio Peralta’s 4 and Gabriel Viteri had a 2 – 1 record, granting him the best winning percentage on the team. They will meet the 3-time defending champion Frozen Ropes in their first round match up. The Ropes were dominant all season long on both ends of the field. As usual, Steve Yurchak was MVP worthy (.406 11 HRs 35 RBIs, 4 – 1 2.63 ERA). Anthony Yurchak hit 6 homeruns and 19 RBIs for his squad, Rocco Justice sent 4 deep this season, Kyle Lucas finished at .286, and Tim Yurchak threw for a 4 – 1 record as well, topping the team’s ERA list with a 1.97. Without a match this season, it is difficult to discern which way this game will go. Still, these two sides were up against one another in larger games that resulted in stunning ends. It will be interesting to see how this first round match will turn out Saturday morning at Albert Leonard Middle School in Westchester.

#5 Tornadoes (6 – 8) vs #4 Shadyville Sluggers (6 – 8)
There was a great deal of excitement coming into the season for the Tornadoes, who ended their Spring playing well. Their offense was engineered by their foundation of three players: Steve Tomasik (.326 4 HRs 17 RBIs), Joe LaMicela (.301 4 HRs 17 RBIs), and Steve Dachtera (.310 average 20 RBIs). John Quinn was also stellar for them at the box and on the paint as he hit .317 with a team leading 5 homers and tying 20 runs plated while leading the team with 4 wins, a 1.93 ERA, and 67 Ks in 32 1/3 innings pitched. They will all have to be at their best when they face the Shadyville Sluggers at Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning. Miguel Cabezas put together a deep squad that came through for him when they needed. He led the team with a .270 average as Ross Fomerand drove in 13 runs to top that stat for them. Marvin Rosario was a monster on the mound once more as he won 2 games with a 1.08 ERA. It will be up to the Sluggers’ arms to keep the Tornadoes’ bats under control. Will the team from Queens be able to slow down the swinging Sluggers while manufacturing enough runs to win? This could be a back-and-forth battle that may result in an incredible finish.

2 Re: MLSB Spring Season Playoffs, June 1 2013 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:09 am


Showtime vs Pelham Village Wine (Round 1)

Pelham Village wins a stunner 1 - 0.

After two days of indecision, misdirection, maybes, possiblies, BS, and the final insult being verified this morning, the Showtime end up forfeiting again. I truly am sorry for doing this to the league once more. I am the worst Captain/GM of all time. I'm never doing either again. I'm sorry for the mixed signals and the changed stories. I'm sorry for the incapability of fielding a team two straight weeks. I just want to play ball and never do this again to anyone else and embarrass the league or you guys like this ever again. Again, I'm deeply sorry for all of this. Good luck to all the teams that remain in the playoffs. I hope you play your best. I'm going to hang with Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein to figure out how to do this job right. Oh wait, they don't know either.

3 Re: MLSB Spring Season Playoffs, June 1 2013 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:59 pm


Ropes defeat Stickem Up 4-2

Tim Y WP Steve HR 2 RBI Kyle Walkoff HR.

.....Mike W CG HR Fab HR



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4 Re: MLSB Spring Season Playoffs, June 1 2013 on Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:21 am


Pelham Village Wine defeat the Ropes 12-2

It was extremely hot afternoon weather and it was obviously difficult for the pitchers.

Randy Belfiore threw 6 strong innings, striking out 10, allowing just 5 hits and 2 runs with no walks for the win. Steve Chodan closed it out with 3 Ks in the 7th frame.

Chodan 3-11, 3-BB, 2B, 2-HR, 6-RBI
Romano 2-7, 4-BB, 2B
Battaglia 6-10, 4-BB, 2-2B, 2-HR, 6-RBI

In the loss, Steve Yurchak 4-9, 2B, RBI. Anthony Yurchak a 3B

5 Re: MLSB Spring Season Playoffs, June 1 2013 on Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:15 am


Steve Yurchak for MVP!!

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