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MLSB Spring Season Week 6, May 11 2013

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1 MLSB Spring Season Week 6, May 11 2013 on Fri May 10, 2013 7:42 am


There are only two weeks left with three teams showing their dominance for most of the season and the rest doing their part to compete. The playoffs are now drawing themselves out though there are still spots which remain up for grabs. The combinations are laid out specifically:

(6 – 4) Pelham Village Wine at (3 – 7) Stick’Em Up
Though they began the spring with a few close losses, the Wine have not been coming up short at all during their 4 game winning streak. They took another championship hopeful and beat them bad as they hit and pitched enormously. Steve Chodan won Game 1, striking out 13 in 6 innings while hitting 3 homeruns. Randy Belfiore hit 2 in the opener as he drove in 7 and AJ Romano hit a homerun. Game 2 then became Randy’s game as he threw 5 more shut out innings and fanned 13 batters. Joe Battaglia was big with 2 homeruns to match his equally large opening game where he hit 2 doubles and 2 triples. They now move to Pulaski Park Saturday morning to lengthen their stretch against the Stick’Em Up. The boys from the Bronx were unable to get their squad together in a rather tough weekend but will do what they can to return to their strong playing in their more comfortable back drop. They will need to perform to the best of their abilities if they wish to stop the running Wine from adding them to their streak.

(4 – 6) Shadyville Sluggers at (9 – 1) Raging Bulls
The Sluggers were able to put themselves in a decent position amongst the rankings after a well earned split against a solid squad. Miguel Cabezas hit 2 homeruns in the opener while being halved by old teammate Jay Nestrosio that same game: Jay hit 1. Ross Fomerand then helped his team’s cause with a homer in the second half of the double header as Marvin Rosario came in late to capture the win with 5 innings of solid work. They bring their best to Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning against the Bulls. With another two wins, the Bulls are making themselves the seemingly sure-fire number 2 team in the standings this season. Joe Annoscia continued his torrid opening season, missing the cycle by a triple both games, and hitting 2 homeruns over all: one in each game. He struck out 5 in his 2 innings of work as well. Jim Wendling pitched a shut out while fanning 20 and hit 3 homeruns in the double header: 2 in the second game while driving in 8. Both these teams need both games to stake their claim to their spots in the standings. The tension is high for either one to do what they need to do.

(10 – 0) Frozen Ropes at (0 – 10) Queens Logic (Sun.)
The Ropes were given a break this past weekend with two wins that didn’t require much for them to do. They now return to Pulaski Park in the Bronx Sunday morning to face the Queens Logic. The Logic continue to struggle and again face a monstrous club for this, their second week in a row. They will need a lot from Carlos Viteri, who hit a double to up his average for the season, and Greg Brancato, who went 7 innings the previous week. These teams are on separate sides of the spectrum but the Logic are hungry and may be able to surprise some people this weekend.

(4 – 6) Showtime at (4 - 6) Tornadoes (Sun.)
They were hit hard, bounced back, and now the Showtime are reeling once more. Following a disastrous fifth week, they looked to get themselves headed in the right direction. Bhishmi Robinson continued his hot hitting with a homerun in the first game and 3 RBIs, accounting for all their runs. The Showtime need to pitch better and head into Oceania Avenue Sunday morning to do what they can to make it happen. The Tornadoes got a much needed win last week and now are in prime position to capture the four slot in the playoff standings. John Quinn was stellar for his squad as he won their opener, giving up 4 runs in 7 innings. He also hit a homerun in each game as squad mate Steve Tomasik hit 3 in the second half of the double dip. Joe LaMicela hit a homerun in the opening game win, which propelled his offense to get rolling. They are going to have to bring it to their home field this Sunday if they wish to match their opponents even if the Showtime’s pitching struggles might play perfectly for the Tornadoes’ hot swinging this season. A lot will be decided this weekend when these two meet.

2 Re: MLSB Spring Season Week 6, May 11 2013 on Sat May 11, 2013 6:27 pm


For the second week in a row, the Ropes get two forfeit wins.

Thank you to Lenny for letting us know early tonight so we could plan the rest of our weekend...

...gotta wonder where Brancato is .. after pitching and showing up every week... now hes out... I know it's Mother's day, but we could've started early and hopefully have been done before noon.

3 Re: MLSB Spring Season Week 6, May 11 2013 on Sat May 11, 2013 11:12 pm


pelham takes 2 from stick em up

gm 1 2-0
s. chodan WP
batts hr
bill chodan rbi

gm 2 13-1(5 innings)
aj WP 13k's

4 Re: MLSB Spring Season Week 6, May 11 2013 on Sun May 12, 2013 8:40 pm


Showtime vs Tornadoes

Showtime and Tornadoes split:

Game 1 Tornadoes 13 - 9

John Quinn 6 2/3IP 2R 4H 5BB 17Ks
Steve Dachtera 1/3IP 7R 4H 0BB 0Ks

John Quinn gets 8 hits, including 2 homeruns
Steve Dachtera hits a homerun

Mark Ferrari 6IP 13R 19H 7BB 8Ks

Carmine DeStefano hits a homerun
Mark Ferrari hits a homerun

Game 2 Showtime 19 - 17 (Just like old times)

Carmine DeStefano 3 1/3IP 12R 4H 14BB 0Ks (worst winning line ever)
Mark Ferrari 3 2/3IP 5R 10H 3BB 3Ks

Carmine DeStefano hits for the cycle
Mark Ferrari hits 2 homeruns including the game winning grand slam in the 7th
Scott Freda hits 2 homeruns

Joe LaMicela 6IP 18R 16H 8BB 11Ks
Steve Dachtera 1/3IP 1R 1H 0BB 0Ks

Joe LaMicela hits for the cycle.

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