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MLSB Spring Season Week 4, April 27 2013

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1 MLSB Spring Season Week 4, April 27 2013 on Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:07 am


At the midway point, the teams are beginning to show their true form. With so many comebacks being made by each squad, the middle of the Spring has gotten some great players in their groove. Last week’s results proved as much. Now, we’ll see how it affects Week 4:

(2 – 4) Pelham Village Wine at (3 – 3) Shadyville Sluggers
For the entire Spring Season, the Wine have been at the losing end of close scores despite their brutal schedule thus far. This past weekend, they took one of two games on the shoulder of returning phenom Randy Belfiore. He had another sparkling gem as he threw a 3 hit shut out and K’ed 13 in the process. For the win, Steve Chodan and A.J. Romano went deep as the Wine had a strong victory not any other team could boast. Their second game displayed a strong performance from Steve Chodan on the rectangle though it was not enough for the victory. They hope their fortunes will change this weekend at Albert Leonard Saturday morning when they meet the Sluggers. After two monstrous wins, the Sluggers feel good about their chances facing off against a rather worthy opponent. Chris Schneer got himself going with a Game 1 explosion: Going a triple short of the cycle and driving in 6. Sean O’Malley also drove in 6 as he went a triple shy of the cycle, then followed it up with another long ball in Game 2. Ross Fomerand and Miguel Cabezas added their individual shots in that second game while Miguel struck out 10 in 5 innings to gain the victory. Scott Almazan only gave up 1 run in the first game, helping get his team on the right track. These two are playing for one spot so it will be something to see how it all pans out this weekend.

(0 – 6) Queens Logic at (1 – 5) Stick’Em Up
The Logic are still in search of that elusive first win of theirs that could start a streak, if they feel the thrill of victory as a team. The ageless Greg Brancato hit a long ball for his group this past weekend that could help awaken the bats they bring into Pulaski Park Saturday morning against the Stick’Em Up. After another disappointing double header, the Stick’Em Up are ready to finally bring some victories home and get the good taste back in their mouths. They battled tooth-and-nail with their previous opponents, but received a painful extra inning loss that came on a missed opportunity. Even so, Randy Rhyne hit another homerun off a big time pitcher and Mike Walsh and Gabriel Viteri gave them money performances on the rectangle. Mike threw 7 2/3 innings, giving up only 4 runs, walking one batter, and striking out 13. Gabriel followed with 6 2/3 innings, 2 runs, and a miniscule 2 walks. Their pitching has been doing its work and now, back at Pulaski Park in the Bronx, they can go home where they are most comfortable. However, those boys on the Logic will not let this home stand be so easily fruitful.

(4 – 2) Showtime at (6 – 0) Frozen Ropes
Now that the Showtime have put themselves over .500, they feel as though they can take on anyone in the league again. Mark Ferrari was monstrous for his group last week as he hit 3 more homeruns, 2 in the first game, and pitched a shut out in Game 2, striking out 9 and giving up only 6 hits. Carmine DeStefano also hit 2 homeruns, 1 in each game, and Bhishmi Robinson upped his average as well as his homerun total with a long ball in the second game after striking out 18 in 8 innings to get the win in the first. They will bring all they have to Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning and hope it is enough against the Frozen Ropes. The defending champs rose above their competition again with another dominant sweep. Steve Yurchak hit a homerun and drove in 7 in Game 1 while Tim Yurchak tossed two no hit innings, fanning all 6 outs. Steve then came through with a shut out himself in the second game where he took another ball deep for the only run. His efforts have his team at the top of the list looking to add to their perfect total. However, their old friends always played them tough, which might turn this Saturday’s match into one to remember.

(5 – 1) Raging Bulls at (3 – 3) Tornadoes (Sun.)
The Bulls faced a buzz saw this past weekend, which led to their first loss of the season. However, with the help of Joe Annoscia’s 7 strong innings along with his, Dave Luongo’s and Jim Wendling’s big flies, the Bulls were able to salvage their second game and come away from last weekend with something good. They still are among the top two squads thus far in the Spring as they motor over the bridge to Oceania Avenue school in Queens Sunday morning to meet the Tornadoes. Last week was not one that benefited the Tornadoes as much as they hoped. Still, their acquisition of John Quinn seems to have paid off as he threw another great game: 6 innings, 1 run, and 13 strikeouts. They hope to bring their powerful lumber against a mighty opponent Sunday in order to turn themselves back in the right direction.

2 Re: MLSB Spring Season Week 4, April 27 2013 on Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:56 pm


pelham takes two(2) from sluggers
14-0 gm1

14-0 gm2

3 Ropes sweep Showtime on Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:10 pm


14-0 Tim Y. WP CG No Hitter.

Steve Y 2 HR 6 RBI Ant Y HR 4 RBI

15-1 Steve Y WP CG 10 K's 3 HR 7 RBI Ant Y HR 3 RBI

.....Carmine D. 2-5 HR 2B

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