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MLSB Spring Season Week 2, April 13th 2013

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1 MLSB Spring Season Week 2, April 13th 2013 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:56 am


The first week to the new season brought a slew of old faces back into the fray. A new team, a new batch of players, and greats from seasons past make this Spring one to remember. These are the match-ups for the second week:

(2 – 0) Frozen Ropes at (1 – 1) Shadyville Sluggers
The three-time defending champs began their quest for another title with two solid wins against a stellar group. As was usually the case, Steve Yurchak was his dominant self, hitting a homerun in each game, and striking out 12 in Game 2 to get the win. Anthony Yurchak returned with a long ball in the second game and Tim Yurchak struck out 17 for his victory. They travel to Albert Leonard Middle School for a shot at the revamped Sluggers. Last week, a split was punctuated by a definitive opening game win for the group. Marvin Rosario struck out 18 batters in his opening game shut out before Chris Schneer hit a 3 run shot in the second game. These two sides have seen one another often with some truly inspiring battles and victories for both squads. It will be interesting to see how this next meeting pans out.

(1 – 1) Stick’Em Up at (2 – 0) Raging Bulls
The Stick-Em Up faced an ace the previous week and managed to come out with a win. After Mike Walsh struck out 12 in the first game, Gustavo Martinez got his team’s first win with 11 Ks while Fabrizio Peralta hit 2 homeruns. They will now take their act up to Murray Avenue Middle School Saturday morning to face off against the Raging Bulls. The Bulls came out with a vengeance which was highlighted by Joe Annoscia’s 3 homerun, 9 RBI performance in Game 1 followed by another homer and 8 runs batted in Game 2. He also struck out 15 in 5 innings during the opener as Dave Luongo got the save while going a triple short of the cycle in the first game. He then hit for that cycle in Game 2 and got the win as Artie Von Weigand put his own impression on the second game with his homerun. These games are already rather important for both groups with neither side looking to give an inch to the other. How this plays out could be telling for the rest of the season.

(0 – 2) Queens Logic at (0 – 2) Showtime
Following their first weekend together, the Logic was introduced against some hard odds. They look to go into Electric Playground Saturday morning and rebound from the tough losses. They will face another group that started off worse than they wanted. With the full returns of Bhishmi Robinson and Mark Ferrari, the Showtime seem prepared for a run. They were tripped up a bit in their opening weekend with two losses, though the offense was not the problem. Mark Ferrari hit 3 homeruns in the double header: 2 in the second game alone. Bhishmi Robinson also hit a homerun in their second game where they fought back, got close, but then lost their momentum. They hope to regain their form of years before against a new team that is itching to get their first wins.

(0 – 2) Pelham Village Wine at (2 – 0) Tornadoes (Sun.)
The Wine had a tough match-up in the opener and seek to rebound in their second week of action. They brought back both Randy Belfiore, who struck out 13 in his first game, as well as John Milici, who threw 4 2/3 innings while fanning 8. Joe Battaglia hit a homerun in Game 1 and Steve Chodan drove in 4 in Game 2, giving his team a chance with his own 3 2/3 innings of work. They will drive to Oceania Avenue Sunday morning in Queens to stand against the Tornadoes. The tough bunch from the fairer borough showcased their new one-two punch last week as Tony Russo and John Quinn both gained victories in their first two games together. John also hit a homerun while Tony Russo hit 2 grandslams, along with Steve Dachtera’s homer to gain victories. Their bats are hot and their pitching seems top quality, which makes this weekend’s match a true test for their new-look squad.


Showtime vs. Queens Logic

Showtime sweep:

Game 1 14 - 0

Bhishmi Robinson 4IP 0R 2H 2BB 12Ks

Carmine DeStefano hits 2 homeruns and drives in 8
Mark Ferrari hits a homerun
Elijah Felix hits a homerun

Chris Knettel 3IP 14R 6H 10BB 7Ks

Game 2 14 - 0

Bhishmi Robinson 3IP 0R 1H 1BB 7Ks

Mark Ferrari hits 2 grand slams in 1 inning
Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun

Chris Knettel 3IP 5R 3H 10BB 6Ks
Matt Banach 0IP 7R 1H 3BB 0Ks
Dino Roscigno 0IP 5R 1H 3BB 0Ks

3 Ropes sweep Sluggers on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:15 pm


Ropes 13-0 Tim Y WP CG 11 K's No-Hiter

Steve Y 3-5 Hr 4 RBI
Ant Y 3-5 HR 5 RBI ..... Miguel 4 K's

Ropes 8-2 Steve Y WP CG 16 K's 7-10 HR 4 RBI

Kyle 6-9 2 RBI
Ant Y 2HR 2 RBI ...... Ross HR 2 RBI Scott 14 K's

Steve PrimeTime

Tornadoes and Pelham split gae one Tony B winner on no hit shutout
second game quinn went full tne in 1-0 walk off win by joe la homerun.....great games


Bulls swept stickem up two pitchers duels. Gm 1 5-3 rock hr bot 6th for lead walsh was cruising leading most of the game jimmy w cg win. Game 2 4-1 joe A 8 innings n hr was 1-0 til randy r hit game tying hr bot7. Rock hits 3r hr top 8 for win. Well pitched all around.

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