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MLSB Spring Season Week 1, April 6th 2013

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1 MLSB Spring Season Week 1, April 6th 2013 on Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:00 am


There is a new year: A new first season to set the tone for the league. With talk of players making their debuts as well as big names making their returns, the Spring seems to be a season of incredible potential. These are the opening week matchups to get the start of 2013 headed off in the right direction:

(0 – 0) Raging Bulls at (0 – 0) Showtime

The Bulls had a disappointing out in the playoffs of the Fall last year and look to rebound immediately with a show of their prowess to begin their run for another championship. Dave Luongo assembles his crew of Jim Wendling, Joe Annoscia, Artie Von Wiegand, and the rest of the group to head into Electric Playground and try to manhandle the returning Showtime. It has been a two season hiatus for a group who once used to make their own noise in the post season. Carmine DeStefano reunites with old friends like Mark Ferrari, Bhishmi Robinson, and Elijah Felix to attempt their run at a long eluded title. As long as they bring their best, they will be tough for anyone to take out. This Saturday morning, these two could rekindle a flame from long ago.

(0 – 0) Stick’Em Up at (0 – 0) Shadyville Sluggers
There has been a lot of maneuvering in the off season for both these teams. The Stick’Em Up have their usual cast of characters: Fabrizio Peralta, Gabriel Viteri, Gustavo Martinez, Andres Andrade, and Carlos Viteri, but also arise rumors of Randy Rhyne’s return. The Sluggers apparently have added a host of hands in the old Gas House Gang: Ross Fomerand, Chris Schneer, Scott Almazan, and Sean O’Malley. Considering Miguel Cabezas’ squad of Marvin Rosario, David Marinez, and Robert DeBella was able to reach the Finals in the Fall, adding such a tandem to his already ample team seems to be quite a shot in the arm. At Albert Leonard Middle School this Saturday morning, they will test out what they have against the boys from the Bronx who are looking to get back to the big dance themselves.

(0 – 0) Pelham Blacktop Ballers at (0 – 0) Frozen Ropes (Sun.)
A replay of last season’s Semi-Finals match up, the Ballers meet the Ropes in Murray Avenue once again. Joe Battaglia has with him some righteous hitters like Steve Chodan, Pedro Maldonado, Bill Chodan, and AJ Romano. There is also talk that he is adding a new player to the fray to help bolster their rotation with Steve and AJ. They will face their continuing nemeses: The three time defending MLSB champion Frozen Ropes. With Tim, Steve, and Anthony Yurchak matching their incredible skills to all time greats Rocco Justice and Kyle Lucas, there’s no question the Ropes will be the squad that everyone is gunning for. These two have some recent history that goes beyond their incredible stand during the final four this previous season. They will have a double header that could really be the outstanding game this weekend.

(0 – 0) New Team at (0 – 0) Tornadoes (Sun.)
Not much is known about this new group, though they are seemingly well put together and full of good players from what little has been stated. They will need to be as they travel to Oceania Avenue Sunday morning to face up against the revamped Tornadoes. Steve Tomasik has his partners-in-crime Steve Dachtera and Joe LaMicela with him. Adding Tony Russo after being away for over a year and John Quinn Jr. makes the Tornadoes quite a club to have to stand off against. It will be interesting to see what this new team has to offer especially during such a challenging opener.

2 Re: MLSB Spring Season Week 1, April 6th 2013 on Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:17 pm


Raging Bulls at Showtime:

Raging Bulls sweep

Game 1 11 - 4

Joe Annoscia 5IP 1R 4H 8BB 15Ks
Dave Luongo 2IP 3R 3H 1BB 3Ks

Dave Luongo hits a solo shot
Artie Von Wiegand hits a solo shot
Joe Annoscia hits 3 homeruns and drives in 9

Bhishmi Robinson 7IP 11R 14H 7BB 10Ks

Mark Ferrari hits a homerun
Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun

Game 2 23 - 9 (it was close there until the 6th)

Dave Luongo 6IP 9R 11H 9BB 9Ks

Dave Luongo hits for the cycle and drives in 8
Artie Von Wiegand hits a homerun and drives in 7
Joe Annoscia hits another homerun, goes a triple shy of the cycle, and drives in 8

Mark Ferrari 4 1/3IP 19R 11H 13BB 2Ks
Bhishmi Robinson 2/3IP 0R 2H 0BB 1K
Carmine DeStefano 1/3 4R 2H 2BB 0Ks

Mark Ferrari hits 2 homeruns and drives in 5
Bhishmi Robinson hits a homerun

3 Tornadoes sweep new team on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:09 pm

Steve PrimeTime

Wp are John and Tony Hrs by steve d john and tony 2 grandslams in same inning

4 Ropes sweep Pelham Village Wine on Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:12 pm


Ropes take 1st game 4-3

Pelham goes up 2-0 on HR by Steve C

Kyle 2 Run 3B ties it

Joe B HR puts Pelham up 3-2 in 6th, but..

Steve Yurchak's 2 run walkoff wins it in 7th

Randy Belfiore returning with 5 strong innings.

Tim Y WP CG 19 k's


Ropes take second 7-6

Pelham goes up 6-0 SteveC HR 4 RBI AJ RBI John M RBI

Ropes score last 7. Steve Y HR 3 RBI Ant Y HR 3 RBI

Kyle RBI ..... Steve Y WP CG 12 k's

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