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Playoff Results

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1 Playoff Results on Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:04 pm


Game 1: Ropes 7 Stickem up 1 Ant Y WP CG 17K's 2RBI

Steve Y 2 HR Kyle HR ..... Fab HR

Game 2: Ropes 5 Ballers 0 Steve Y WP CG NO HITTER 14 k's

Steve Y HR 4 RBI


2 Re: Playoff Results on Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:19 am


Props to Steve Y. He hit every corner, never made a fat pitch.

But here are the rest of our playoff results (keep in mind we were the #2 seed):

Some of us drove over an hour into Queens, when we should have been Albert Leonard, paying a toll for 3 separate vehicles (and wasting gas).

Electric Playground, the wonderful playoff field that Dave forced us to play on was covered in snow and unplayable.

We drove to another field in Queens, which was being used by others.

We drove to yet another field in Queens, which was again being used by others.

With no other fields available we drove back over the bridge to Bruckner, which we passed on the way to Queens (3 more cars paying tolls and wasting gas) and played at Bruckner... the field that Dave wouldn't let Rocco play on to begin with.

After a round 1 win over Tornadoes we were then told to play the round 2 game back at Albert Leonard, after Dave originally said we weren't allowed to play there either... despite it being our home field.

Dave wanted us to pick up the cones, remove the box (which gave us trouble all day and wouldn't stay on the wall. I usually bolt it to Albert Leonard, but not being my home field I had to try and get it to stick with velcro, which it didn't want to do). He wanted us to pack up all our shit yet again.

We were then supposed to all drive over to Albert Leonard, where we should have started in the first place, and set everything up all over again, even though I now didn't have the bolts and anchors for the box because I never thought I would be playing at Albert Leonard.

We finally refused to move anymore and played gm 2 at Bruckner, and the Ropes did a great job. Congrats to them.

A cluster fuck of ultimate proportions! When all we wanted to do was play some ball. Thanks for everything...

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